Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tomato time has begun in earnest...

We've been getting handfuls of tomatoes every few days for a while now, that I've either quickly made into the sauce for the day or sliced up with fresh mozzarella for a little salad.
But now the tomatoes are really starting to roll in, so to speak, so it's time to make sauce. Lots of sauce. When I get overwhelmed with them, I'll put them up in jars to use during the winter, but for now I'm making sauce with them, then putting them in bags for the freezer. Ready for a quick meal with little prep mid-winter.
Some women around here even throw tomatoes in the freezer whole to use in sauce come the winter. That's easier than cutting them up, stuffing them in jars, boiling the jars...maybe I'll try it. Now wouldn't you know it, but Dante's got a stomach thing and sauce gives him a bellyache. We've been eating "pasta in bianco" (with white sauce, today it was clams) instead. I miss red sauce!


Daisy said...

I totally recognize those food saver packages!!! I really like them... they take a little extra energy during the processing phase, but I think things taste much fresher out of those than ziploc bags.

I lived in Florence for a semester in college. For six months, it was fantastic. I think the hardest part was being treated, sometimes unkindly, as though we were tourists when we'd actually lived there for a least a few months and had learned the language. (Otherwise, we wouldn't have known what they were saying about us!)

Hope your sauce freezes well!

Diane said...

Actually, these bags aren't the proper ones for the Foodsaver vacuum sealer I have. They're a generic Italian brand that are about 1cm too wide for the American-made machine (though bought in Italy)I have. So, I have to seal each end twice. I need to get some of the 8-inch wide ones from America. Will make my life much easier! Yes, much better than even freezer ziploc bags!