Monday, August 4, 2008

Lavender, lavender...

Have I mentioned I went a little lavender crazy this spring? I planted 42...yes 42...plants. Maybe I was just so happy I could grow them here. Maybe it's because I ordered a dozen from my local plant guy, bought them when I found them elsewhere, then felt commited to buying the ones I ordered too! (well, that accounts for 24 of them anyway!)And they smell so good.

So anyway, any ideas about what to do with all this lavender? Searching around the web I found so many sites which had lavender recipes. I had heard of lavender ice cream...but wow, I had no idea there were so many recipes in which I could use these beautiful, organic, lavender flowers! If I make something I'll let you know how it turns out.

Have you ever cooked with and/or eaten lavender or any other flower, for that matter?


Anonymous said...

I've not cooked with lavender but I've made things.

Make little sachets to give as gifts for drawers.

I've also gather it in small bunches, tied with raffia and hung on a hook or nail.

Really adds a wonderful aroma.

Have fun.

Diane said...

Yes, ice tea, I plan on having it around here inside in one form or another all winter. It will be lovely. Maybe I'll put some in the bathroom with the cat litter!

Unknown said...

Make sachets for me!!!!! I put them recently in my linen closet upstairs. There was always a funky smell on the linen from the plumbing which is right next to the bathroom. Now, with the lavender sachets it continually gives a comforting aroma to the towels and sheets. If you have any recipes and growing tips, please send to me. Rita in NY