Sunday, August 3, 2008

Prato di Campoli

Prato di Campoli is about a 25 minute ride up the nearby mountain, and about 15 degrees cooler! It's part of a national park and has sheep and cattle grazing on the rocky hills. There are big open fields surrounded by deep dark forest (Hansel and Gretel lost in the woods dark!), picnic and camping areas and today, since August and holidays have begun, TONS of people! We were lucky to find a little space to parallel park along the road (after paying our 2 Euro parking fee) and Pio ran off to shoot a golf ball around for a while. Dante just ran around. I tried to start a new novel but the peace and quiet didn't last long. Once Pio got back we took a short walk into the woods where my ankles promptly became a feast for one pesky mosquito and we beat a retreat to the car and then the snack bar.

I forgot to bring along my camera, so no pictures (sorry) but the air was so fresh, it really was quite amazing!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful to have a cooler place to retreat to only 25 mins. away.

Diane said...

Yes, it's even nice in the winter if my son wants to play a bit in some snow. We get only occasional flurries here in my village, but up in Prato di Campoli there's actually snow on the ground a good part of the winter...and if we really want to see snow, about 45 minutes away is a ski & sledding resort with snow that's up over our heads. Great fun, without having to shovel out the driveway!