Friday, November 20, 2009

Yes, that's Tuscan Kale...

surrounded by some pansies. Usually I enjoy Tuscan Kale on my dinner plate and pansies in the spring, but I was inspired by two, yes TWO different gardening magazine articles I saw this month where Tuscan Kale was featured as an ornamental. OK, I wasn't about to dig out a 4' x 6' bed (especially after being sick all week with the flu!), so I settled for this. I dug the kale out of the garden (hope it takes!) and bought about six white pansies (small flower type) to plant around the edge. I like it. It was nice to finally get out into some of this sunny, 70F weather we've been having.

I've got to start thinking about Turkey Day. We'll celebrate it with some neighbors and relatives coming over a couple of days later (no one could make it Thursday, including me, as I have to work). Still need to order the turkey (and NO, I don't want a 40 pounder like last time!!!) and see if I can find sweet potatoes without going into Rome...but I've got the apple and pumpkin pie recipes dusted off and ready to go this time next week. We'll probably have some Tuscan Kale too, mashed potatoes, corn...umm, I'm getting hungry!

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Jane said...

Hi, Diane
It's good to see you blog again. We must tell you boss that Thanksgiving is a holiday and you need not work. Your dinner will be fun--would love to join you.

Diane said...

Thanks Jane, yes, it's been a while between posts.

I was going to ask for Thursday off, but I've just been off for a week sick, so the timing is not good.

Once our Thanksgiving is over, I will start preparing our home for a house swap. We'll be in NY for three weeks over the holidays--very exciting.

Jennyff said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, whenever you get to celebrate. I like your edible garden decoration.