Sunday, June 17, 2007

The haricot verts are in!

(That's skinny string beans to most of us...) My in-laws gave me a bagful from their garden yesterday, enough for two meals at least. Today I made half the Italian way--boiling them for a while, then sauteing them in olive oil and adding salt. And because I really didn't have enough sauce already made for lunch today (Pio told me we were going out to eat, then the gate guy came to work on the lower gate, and at the last minute, that was the end of that) I added the sauteed string beans to the rigatoni and not quite enough sauce I had...along with some more oil and pasta water and lots of grated parmesean...delish!

Oh, and Dante and I are excited! After much deliberation, it's decided that we will travel to NY this summer and we got tickets on the same flight as Paul and Sebastian. I'm trying to enroll Dante in golf camp with cousin Brett in Pennsylvania, then soccer camp with nephew Sebastian. I'm also looking for a reasonably priced computer camp...Dante's current obsession! We'll both get our annual physicals where we'll understand exactly what the Doctor is saying (and he won't ask us if we sweated recently, I'd be willing to bet!) and I'll visit my knitting teacher to review exactly how to knit those socks on two round needles???Pio will stay in Italy, with perhaps a short trip to Lourdes, taking care of the house, dogs and Mom and Dad.

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Gil said...

How are things going for you in Italy?