Thursday, June 7, 2007

The "Happy Feet" Finale

Here in small-town Italy Dante only has physical education once a week...with minimal equipment. Most of the year they did an obstacle course inside the small gymnasium (they rarely go outside, and if they do, it's NOT to run...see previous post about sweat & breeze = getting sick). They do, however, have an end-of-the-year show which includes tumbling and dance numbers that show evidence of LOTS of practice. This year's show was great and included a penguin dance by the second graders, ala "Happy Feet". They first did the show last week one evening outside the school, then a second time last week at the local "Campo Sportivo" (which didn't start until after 9 p.m. and ended after 11 p.m) and then once this week for the residents up at the rehabilitation center 5 minutes above the village.

Do these boys look like penguins? Here they were waiting for everything to get organized. That's Dante showing off his "cellulare" which never has money on it to make any calls, but can take photos, video and has cool ring tones! It's a hit with the 8-year-old crowd here.

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