Monday, May 23, 2011

Ghosts for Breakfast

An intriguing thought full of possibilities, isn't it?   I'm afraid the reality is more pedestrian.  I realized that somehow my son is now watching Ghost Lab on the Discovery Channel here in rural Italy, with a panoramic view of the Apennines, while he eats his breakfast every day.  Once he goes back into school in September, he won't because he'll be leaving the house earlier.  But in these relaxed, sweet, homeschooling days, our mornings are more leisurely and that's his "must watch" show.  He likes it because it takes a scientific look at paranormal activities.   He's intrigued by the equipment they use.  But he is suspect of the fact that they ALWAYS find something (an image, a voice, a story).  But, as I explained to him, without that, there's no show!  I'm surprised that in the USA it was on late at night (2 a.m. at one point).  Partly because it didn't have enough viewers I suppose, to warrant a more prime-time slot;  but honestly, it seems more aimed at the young- adult market than at adults with insomnia.


Brenda said...

I'm with you about that show ( and I live in the states). I don't get them. Mine watch some other ghost show, British, but airs over here.. Again, I don't get it. Thanks for visiting grrlguide. Now that I have found you and your village, I come by. I lived in the UK, in a small town, kind of drove me bonkers at first. Your photos are lovely, btw. Brenda

Diane said...

Thanks, Brenda, for stopping by. Ghost show has now been discontinued... now it's Myth Busters. Still silly, but at least it has a more scientific slant (principles of physics, scientific method...I think). Drop by again sometime!