Sunday, September 5, 2010

Liverpool was Fab, Mates!

We're back from Liverpool and had a wonderful time.  Dante especially loved the bangers and mash (sausage and mashed potatoes) and peas, mushy or otherwise, were the only other vegetable, aside from potatoes, we found in the restaurants.  Pio loved the draft beer, which, when they added the malt at the end, left sudsy bubbles spilling over the rim of the glass.  The Scousers were more than friendly and, with eyes closed, every male sounded like you were talking to Paul, John, Ringo or George!

We originally chose Liverpool to visit Dante's homework tutor who is now aupair-ing there and had the week off to show us around (thanks F!)  The Bootleg Beatles and the Matthew Street Festival were a lot of fun and Wicked (which we saw on a day-trip by train to London) was outstanding.  Pio can't stop talking about the golf course he had the chance to play twice, thanks to a very nice neighbor. Our home-exchangers loved our dogs and took excellent care of them, which allowed us to really enjoy ourselves.  Oh, and we really couldn't get the hang of driving on the "wrong side" (and stick shift too!) so we went everywhere by train, bus or taxi and that was fine too.  Cheers Looove!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I just read your blog and had to comment. My grandparents were born in San giorgio a liri in Frosinone. Do you know it? My fmaily travelled there in 2007 and loved the area ...albeit small :)
I love everything about Italy and plan on retiring there in the near future.

Diane said...

Thanks for leaving a comment. I don't know the town personally, but according to mapquest, it's about an hour SE of my (also small) town. Your town is closer to the beaches of Sperlonga and Gaeta--both great! Do you know the site? You should introduce yourself there! They were a great help in the planning stages and have rich archives of info. Best of luck...and stay in touch...we may someday be almost ...neighbors!

Jane said...

Can't wait to follow this home exchange odyssey you guys are on. I think we will become inspired. Now--home schooling is another matter.

Diane said...

Jane, unfortunately the two go hand-in-hand in our cases...I think. Because we are hiring a "supervising teacher" and getting a real "report card" there will be support and motivation for both of us and I'm forever the optimist. Will keep you posted :)