Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day! (Auguri alle Mamme!)

Dante recites his Mother's Day poesia to Mamma (that's me!).
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Unknown said...

Hi Diane!
Sunday was mother's day in Brazil too, but not here in Norway :)
In your Blog mainpage, you mention that some people from the US asked you what you do all day in the Italian countryside. You haven't answered it yet or? Please let me know!
Kind regards Rose

Anonymous said...

Diane, I am glad to find that you have revived your blog. Now I can vicariously be there again. How's Dante doing in school?

Diane said...

What do I do all day? Garden, cook, read, go into Rome for the day, write...wash clothes, hang them up and then iron them! Lol

Jane--dante is doing well in school, thanks. Sometimes he gets too much homework (2 hours worth!) but he is learning a lot, especially in Italian, Math and History/Geography. His best friends (twins) are moving to Venezuela this summer and his tutor will be taking a semester abroad, so we have further adjustments in store for September.